What is a Tourbase Franchise?

An online travel business for top destinations around the world. It allows you to work from anywhere and build a marketplace of your favorite local tours and activities. You'll create content, learn digital marketing and earn great commissions from all your bookings.
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Why should you own a Tourbase Franchise?

You get to enjoy the most epic things to do in a destination, build personal relationships with local tour operators and share your favorite experiences with others. Build a flexible schedule with huge potential for scale.

Work Anywhere

Set your own schedule. No brick and mortar means work anywhere

Make a Difference

Support local businesses & reinvest in communities

Scale Potential

Scale a multi-million dollar business without a scaling workload

Best Technology

We are constantly innovating to give you the tools to succeed

Why The Travel Industry? Why Now?

Because there has never been more demand.... and there has never been a better opportunity. The $183 Billion dollar tours & activities space is ready

The Trend

A shift to buying tours online means a huge opportunity for marketplaces offering trust & convenience

The Demand

More people than ever looking to find authentic, local experiences while traveling

The Industry

Tours & Activities is perhaps the very best part of travel. Be a part of something fun

Who is an ideal Tourbase owner?

A self-starter that can learn quickly, create meaningful content and provide exceptional customer service. An ideal owner is eager to collaborate with other Tourbase owners and has grit that keeps them going.
A Leader

You build teams AND roll up your sleeves to get stuff done

A Learner

You adapt in a quickly changing industry and embrace new technology

An Overachiever

Your work hard, think big and are maybe a little competitive

A People Person

You communicate well with tour operators and guests and use empathy to connect with others

What type of territories are available with Tourbase?

Tourbase Franchise Information & Next Steps

Get going with two quick steps. First, sign up and we'll email you our Tourbase Info Packet, no commitment whatsoever. Second, let us know if you're interested and we'll set up an introductory call to share more info and see if we seem like a good fit.

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    Have More Questions?

    A list of FAQs to help you understand how it works.

    Do I need to be a travel or marketing expert?

    Definitely not. We teach you the essentials and have a team of experts to provide support along the way. You DO need to have a hunger to learn and a willingness to try new software and systems that will power your business.

    How do I actually make money in this business?

    You will partner with local tour operators that deliver the end experience to the customer. You drive online marketing, sales and provide the customer service to earn roughly 20-30% commission of each sale.

    How much initial investment is needed to start a Tourbase Business?

    The franchise fee is $10k. The total investment needed for your first year of business ranges from $50k – $90k depending on how heavily you invest in online advertising & hiring others vs. DIY. Most businesses could anticipate a range of $50-70k investment.

    What does a Tourbase owner actually do?

    Build relationships with local tour operators. Go on tour and take video and photos to differentiate your online content. Write helpful travel tips and excursion guides. Build a small team to provide excellent customer service. Experiment with new marketing strategies and sales channels. Learn about customers and how to better serve their needs.

    As an owner, you can choose to DIY the majority of this work or pay to have it done for you.

    Do I need to live in the territory I operate?

    You can live and work anywhere where you have a fast internet connection. With that said, you MUST be deeply knowledgeable about the region so that you can provide unique tips, insights and guidance to curate incredible experiences for the guests that book through your platform.

    What does Tourbase provide for me?

    We provide you an incredible custom website and a proprietary software that automates a huge part of the normal headaches a travel planner deals with. We offer integrations into tour operator reservation systems, CRM, marketing support and training around AI. Further, we provide personalized training, business playbooks, marketing tools and coaching to help you scale your business.